Jewelry Care + Repairs


We will happily repair jewelry as long as it is considered normal wear and tear.  After 6 months, repair pricing is based upon the type of repair needed. Please contact us to let us know if you have any questions, or if you need something repaired.  

Jewelry Care 

Oxidized jewelry was intentionally darkened. Over time, the oxidation of your pieces will slowly change. Sometimes it will lighten and sometimes it will darken, it all depends on the environment you live in. For example: humid versus dry climate. If you wish to brighten the piece up, use a soft polishing cloth and lightly rub it over the piece. It is also recommended to clean pieces with a soft toothbrush, fragrance and dye free dish soap, and warm water, if needed for deeper cleaning. Never use liquid cleaners or abrasive methods of cleaning. We also do not recommend sleeping, showering or swimming with your jewelry on.


We understand jewelry is personal. There are easy ways to customize from chain length, finish, and material. If you see a piece you like and would like alterations or slight designs differences, please contact us before purchase. We are happy to help.