Nikki uses process driven design and old world techniques to create jewelry for the modern wearer. Nikki's jewelry path started during her undergraduate studies. She was trained in traditional metalsmithing techniques, and currently utilizes hammering, forging, forming, stone setting, and torch techniques in all of her pieces. Her mission is to create unique jewelry that tells a story. Her designs are inspired by process, form, texture, repetition, design elements, and patterns. She enjoys using contrast to pop shapes and pattern.

From mine to market, she believes in crafting handmade pieces with heart for her clients with the environment in mind. From the smallest stones to the largest gems, her material matters. Her small-batch creations are made using Fairmined gold, recycled metals, reclaimed diamonds, and gemstones, for one-of-a-kind & heirloom pieces that are designed to last. Each piece is made by hand by Nikki and her team in her sunny Denver, CO studio & showroom.

As of 2021, we are a Fairmined licensed company and offer our entire collection in Fairmined Gold. We also donate a portion of our annual sales to different non-profit organizations around the country.