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We have moved!

We also changed the name of our new shop. Our new shop is called Aurum, and will be located in the Golden Triangle neighborhood of Denver.

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Permanent Jewelry

We now offer permanent jewelry at our Brick + Mortar Aurum Jewelry in the Golden Triangle neighborhood of Denver.

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Ethical Responsibility

We aren't perfect, but we are working towards being as ethically responsible as possible, both in the materials we use as well as our studio practice.

Fairmined metals, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, are at the core of what we create with. We primarily use Canadian sourced diamonds and reclaimed diamonds, both of which follow the Kimberly Process. We also prioritize fair trade gemstones and use recycled materials when needed. Click here to find out more about Fairmined metals.

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Store Hours

We're now located at Aurum Jewelry in the Golden Triangle neighborhood.

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 11-5

Friday - Saturday: 11-6

Sunday: 12-5

Our Location

47 W 11th Ave., Denver, CO 80204