Bespoke Jewelry Process

Posted on June 19 2024

At Nikki Nation Jewelry, we understand that creating the perfect piece of custom jewelry is a collaborative journey. Here's a step-by-step guide to our bespoke design process


Step #1: Book Your Bespoke Jewelry Consultation

In our initial consultation, we take the time to thoroughly explore your design preferences and requirements, ensuring that we capture every aspect of your vision. Alongside discussing your design aspirations, we also delve into your budget range, allowing us to tailor our recommendations accordingly. By understanding both your aesthetic preferences and financial considerations, we can collaboratively craft a piece that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Step #2: Stone Sourcing & Deposit

To start the stone sourcing process, a $250 non-refundable deposit is required. This enables us to delve into our extensive network of stone dealers and contacts to find the perfect match for your project. Should you choose to proceed, this deposit will be credited towards the final cost. Please note that sourcing stones can take between 2 to 4 weeks, varying based on factors such as the type of stone, cut, and rarity.


Step #3: Stone and Design Confirmation

Once you've made your selection from our curated options, we'll proceed to draft your invoice for a deposit. We ask for a 50% deposit to get started with the project. The estimated time for completion at this stage is 5-8 weeks.

Step #4: Design Approval

At this stage a CAD or hand drawn rendering/s will be shared. We will also provide resin models so you can see the full scale and design of the piece in person before any of the production process starts. This also allows for any design changes if needed before our production process starts. The estimated time for completion at this stage is 5-8 weeks.



Step #5: Final Payment

We're at the final stretch – you'll receive an invoice for the remaining balance. Once that's settled, your ring will be ready for either shipping or in-store pickup, whatever suits you best! Now, what's a custom design without great packaging to go with it? You'll get a classy ring box along with your warranty and quality certificates to ensure your investment lasts. So, whether you keep it or gift it, it'll always be safe and dazzling. Plus, enjoy complimentary cleanings and check-ups for your ring – we've got your back for life.





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