A chat with Caitlin Clough of Mile High Modern

Written by Nicole Nation


Posted on November 12 2022

This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing past client and local business owner, Nikki Nation. Nikki started her jewelry business here in Denver in 2015 and today, runs her shop and studio in Sloan’s Lake. We hope you’ll read on to learn more about her work and visit her at her shop in person!

SLA: How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

NN: I went to undergrad for jewelry and metalsmithing. Originally, I started in interior design but switched because I liked the creative freedom associated with jewelry and enjoyed working with my hands. Throughout Nikki’s schooling, she and her classmates had to purchase their own materials and tools. She worked with a small group of hand tools and primarily created pieces with copper and brass due to the lower cost. The portfolio of jewelry she developed then was conceptual in design and less functional than what she creates today.


SLA: How do you find your customers, and how do they find you?

NN: I haven’t paid for any big ad campaigns, but instead have built my brand slowly and methodically over the last eight years. I’ve done this by participating in art fairs, both locally and across the country, and by working with many retailers, including museums, galleries and catalogs. Today, my business is a mix of retail, wholesale and creating custom pieces.


SLA: Where do you find creative inspiration?

NN: Most of my creative inspiration comes from pattern, texture, shape, form, and my everyday environment in the city. I don’t start out by sketching. Instead, I just start working with materials; the materials ARE the inspiration.



SLA: What is your favorite thing to make? Do you have a top seller?

NN: I’ve always loved making bangles, but right now, I’m really enjoying making rings. As far as top sellers, my collection with metal dots has been very popular, and hoops are always popular too. Cigar bands are requested often, especially for custom pieces.

In the future, Nikki looks forward to focusing more heavily on custom work, including engagement, bridal, wedding bands, and more. She’s also planning to offer permanent bracelets at the shop at some point (stay tuned!)


Recently, Nikki has added a variety of gift-able items to the store, with a focus on women-owned, LGBTQ and local artists. All of the items at the store are made in the U.S. She offers candles, cosmetic items, pottery, ring dishes, cards, and more!

This holiday season, we encourage you to stop by the shop to meet Nikki and browse her collection. Nikki Nation Jewelry is located at 4936 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80212 in Sloan’s Lake. You can also follow Nikki on Instagram at @nikki.nation.jewelry.


To read the full interview, and for more real estate information head over to https://www.sloanslakeagent.com/blog/nikki-nation-jewelry