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Abalone Ritual Dish in Ocean with 22K Gold

$22.00 USD $36.00 USD

Handcrafted in our studio in Austin, TX, this ocean inspired Abalone dish is ideal for an incense ritual, jewelry dish, or as tabletop catch all. *

Glossy interior * Shell-like exterior * Inspired by sea, we finish the porcelain clay in a custom blend of four glazes * Edges hand painted with 22k gold Contents: Porcelain claybody, glazes, 22k gold *

Made in the USA * Food safe * Gentle hand-washing recommended * Do not microwave * Avoid temperature shock *

Handmade; variance in appearance may occur Approximate Dimensions: 5" Length, 3.5" Width, 1" Depth Handmade from porcelain clay & 22K gold, each shell is unique, but most measure about 5" in length, by 3.5" wide and a depth of about an inch.

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